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Hey there! Let’s begin with the basics of me. My name is Caitlin Jones, and I have been growing up in a country town in Victoria, Australia for the past 20 years of my life. At the moment I am studying a Bachelor of Media and Communication majoring in Social Media; ironic, I know. And when I finish with that accomplishment, I am wanting to complete a PhD in the same field, as I am in love with learning in the media and communication area; again, ironic, I know. Oh and if you haven’t noticed already, I suffer from mental illnesses, in particular, anxiety and depression. You can read my blog posts to get the update on that!

Caitlin Jones

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Top 10 Free Apps to Ease Anxiety

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Here are my top 10 free apps that can be used to help ease anxiety! I’m no expert in psychology or technology, but I am an anxiety sufferer who uses these applications in times of need. I’m sure there are plenty of apps I have yet to discover, so make sure to leave them below in the comment section, and share this post with anyone you think might benefit from the list!

Here we go…


Made by doctors & professionals
Available on both ios & Andriod

The simplicity of this app is an absolute gem, especially when you are in the middle of a panic attack and just need to calm your breath down. It is an app that can be easily navigated through its simple design, while also providing valuable breathing techniques and information. Diaphragmatic breathing is one of the first skills my psychologist taught me and with this app, I have been able not just to relax my body and mind, but also rationalise thoughts. There is even reading and video material to help develop a greater understanding and knowledge of anxiety and diaphragmatic breathing.

Coloring Book for Adults!

Available on ios

Now, adult colouring in books, both physical and digital versions, were so a few years ago. However, it is a task that goes underrated, especially for anxiety relief. It requires a relatively high amount of centration, which is excellent for a busy worrying mind, along with providing an element of mindfulness and focus. This app offers a diverse range of objects to colour in, from animals to food.


Made by doctors & professionals
Available on both ios & Andriod

My favourite part of this application is the use of a variety of games and activities, which result in a defeat of some unfavourable characteristics or worries. The idea of accomplishing tasks is also encouraged through their points system, where points earned through their app can be redeemed for prizes like doughnuts, spa days, and even cruise packages! An uplifting element of the application is their assessment of your very own personal strengths; it’s a gentle but significant reminder of the positive aspects of yourself through a stage where you are battling against mental illness.


Made by doctors & professionals
Available on both ios & Andriod

If you are looking for an application targeted towards kids, as well as your self, this is hands down the best. The app has made a range of meditations for groups of kids ranging from 5 and under, 6 – 8 and 9 – 12 years old, however, is only available through a subscription purchase. Although, some animation videos are free to view, which can be used as a visual aid to children. other people living with mental illness

I Love Hue

Available on both ios & Andriod

This application is different to the rest, meaning that it wasn’t intended to be used for relaxation from anxiety, but more a game of concentration and serenity. The object of the game is to rearrange coloured tiles back into the colour order, seems easy, but as you move forward the levels become harder and require more attention to detail. It is a game that is handy for when you need to just concentrate on a single thing, which at times for anxiety suffers, is extremely difficult. It is also an app that I find myself going to when I have nothing else to do other than scroll through all my social feeds.


Made by doctors & professionals
Available on ios

This application is excellent for not just listing your anxious triggers, but it can also help ease and concur your obsessive compulsion disorder. The idea and action of ‘worrying’ is a similarity held between anxiety and OCD. This app helps distinguish and overcome obsessions, triggers, and exposures through their exercises using both exposure-response and mindfulness therapy. You’re also able to keep track of your progress as well as being able to have access to their emergency help.



Made by doctors & professionals
Available on ios, Andriod & Online

Having the continuous support and likeminded conversations among other people living with mental illness, makes this application a stand out, from being able to recommend uplifting YouTube to stating what you are grateful for. With the mood entry tracker, you’re not just able to view emotional timeline, but also the application will respond with the appropriate activities to resolve or further the state of mind.

Relax Melodies

Available on both ios & Andriod

One of the applications I use and works on a daily basis is this one that helps me go to sleep. You can combine your custom mixes with over 100 different relaxing sounds, from the sound of a cat purring to wind chimes. Along with listening to the most popular music melodies created by other users. The application also offers a free mediation each week, as well as a taste in their various range of sleep programs.



Made by professionals & research team
Available on ios & Andriod

The Self-help Anxiety Managment or better known as SAM, is an application designed to do precisely what its title suggests. It is an app that is simple to use, while still being productive on the relief of stress and anxiety through its breathing exercises and self-reflection. It is one of the better applications if you are in need of something straightforward, easy to read and simple to navigate through. There is also an option to share your journey and experiences amongst other SAM users, while also being anonymous.

3M Mindfulness

Available on ios

Mindfulness is a fantastic approach to diminishing anxiety, as it makes you concentrate in the present time and environment, and helps distract you from any worries of the past and future. The application allows for a free taste of their meditations and courses surrounding the areas of stress and anxiety, with the addition to access their entire collection through a subscription. With the aim of mindfulness to be a daily routine, the app has placed a calendar within the app for sessions to be logged, along with daily exercises.


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