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Hey there! Let’s begin with the basics of me. My name is Caitlin Jones, and I have been growing up in a country town in Victoria, Australia for the past 20 years of my life. At the moment I am studying a Bachelor of Media and Communication majoring in Social Media; ironic, I know. And when I finish with that accomplishment, I am wanting to complete a PhD in the same field, as I am in love with learning in the media and communication area; again, ironic, I know. Oh and if you haven’t noticed already, I suffer from mental illnesses, in particular, anxiety and depression. You can read my blog posts to get the update on that!

Caitlin Jones

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The Day’s Plan of Action

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The Day’s Plan of Action

Us as humans have a lot that of dates and lists that we store in our brains. Sometimes it is overpowering, and often bits and pieces get forgotten. Those with a mental illness can usually find it hard to do the simplest of tasks and need that prompt in their mind.

This printable allows for an individual prioritise their day, specifically into a Plan of Action. There is space to list not just the goals, tasks and priorities of the day, but also water intake and exercise for the day.

Click the link below to download the PDF

Plan of Action for the Day Printable Demons Inside My Head PDF