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Hey there! Let’s begin with the basics of me. My name is Caitlin Jones, and I have been growing up in a country town in Victoria, Australia for the past 20 years of my life. At the moment I am studying a Bachelor of Media and Communication majoring in Social Media; ironic, I know. And when I finish with that accomplishment, I am wanting to complete a PhD in the same field, as I am in love with learning in the media and communication area; again, ironic, I know. Oh and if you haven’t noticed already, I suffer from mental illnesses, in particular, anxiety and depression. You can read my blog posts to get the update on that!

Caitlin Jones

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My Mental Illnesses & My Younger Self Series

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There is a lot of research into the theory that elements, events and situations of a child’s life can influence the development of mental illnesses later in life. As a young adult and only had one childhood, I didn’t know if my upbringing was okay or not at all.

I decided to write the My Mental Illnesses & My Younger Self series as a method for myself to delve into the exact factors why I am the way I am now. Each week I wrote about different aspects and elements that all together could ignite the development of anxiety and depression.

Check out the posts below!

Week 1 My Mental Illnesses & My Younger Self

Week 2 The Correlation between Abuse and Mental Illness

Week 3 My 6-Year-Olds Needs

Week 4 How My Father-Daughter Relationship Affects My Mental Health

Week 5 You Never Know What is Behind Closed Doors

Week 6 I Didn’t Deserve Help

Week 7 I’m Wired Not to Show Emotions

Week 8 Why Is It Hard to Move on If You’re Not Over It?

Week 9 Why “What You Are Worrying About Now, Won’t Matter in a Few Years” is False

Week 10 Do I Forgive Him?